The Resume that Got Me Hired at FAANG

The Resume That Got Me Hired at FAANG


In this video, I am going to break down the resume template that got me hired at a FAANG. And at the end of the video, I will tell you how to access this template so you can also use it, for free. 

Resumes are such a hot topic in the career coaching industry.

Resumes are the first impression you make with the hiring manager. When thinking about creating a resume, the questions below have probably come up: 

How do I write a resume?

How long should my resume be?

What action verbs should I use? 

How do I demonstrate value and impact in my resume?

What type of resume do I write so I can get the interview.


  • In the template, go to file, make a copy. 
  • Your name should be bolded, in big letters
  • Make sure you don’t put your whole address in your location
  • LinkedIn profile should be hyperlinked
  • Executive Summary- To be used for people with lots of experience
  • Professional Profile- If you are a recent grad/early career
    • You can use bullet points to list out hard skills like Microsoft Office in this section as a new grad
  • Work experience- you can include project experience in here if you are looking for an internship or entry-level role. 
    • XYZ Formula– Search “”, “How We Hire”- I did X by using Y as resulted by Z.
    • Tech likes measurable impact
  • Leadership Experience- you can include volunteer experience


You can access a complete guide I spelled out for you to help you land a 6-figure paying job in the video! 

Next week we will be breaking down 7 online job ideas to get paid well in school while gaining experience!



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I’m Eddi, a Tech Recruiter by day and career/money content creator by night. I love to share my knowledge about career progression and personal finance, both things that were never taught in school. 

🌟Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, based on the general experience I have acquired through the years in recruitment and HR and do not reflect that of my employer

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  1. Kanako says:

    Hi Eddi, I’m excited to learn from you! Just a heads up, the link to download the template is broken.

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