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The best tips on how to break into Tech 2022


This post is about The best tips on how to break into Tech

This past 18 months have been pivotal for many, and a lot of people have realized they needed a change in their careers

A natural and popular new career path for people seemed to in tech

One because we all went to digital and tech companies that seemed to have the most openings. 

Another reason why people wanted to switch is because there is are usually more lucrative opportunities and often times more flexibility and work life balance

I have wanted to break into tech since before the pandemic, but the timing was never right.

So for someone like me who did not have experience, non-traditional background and no technical abilities whatsoever

Here are the best tips I can give you that helped me get into tech

  • Know why you want to go that direction (having clear goals helps with narrowing down on opportunities)
  • Understand how the industry (company works) how do they make money, what issue are they solving
  • Keep on top of the trends and changes 
  • MORE juice tips on the episode, be sure to listen (it is good i promise)

Now for the good stuff

  • Be aware and honest of what you are missing compared to other in the industry
  • Research the company’s way to hire
  • Create job posting alerts to be an early applicant (this often helps career changers be the first ones being reviewed and often increases your chances of being interviewed)
  • Tailor your resume the way tech wants you to (data, numbers, achievements, results)
  • Stay connected (ask for referrals) 
  • Don’t be afraid to start in less recognizable companies (have a list of at least ten companies)
  • Prepare (hire a coach that has experience in that industry)
  • Detach from the result 
  • Some juice tips on the episode, be sure to listen (it is good i promise)

So those are the main tips I have for when I was trying to get into the industry.

It took a year and a half of intentional research, connections and mindset work, and working with coaches to get to where I am at. 

Does not mean you will take as long but it’s best to be prepared for a long process. 

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  1. Elizabeth De La Rosa says:

    Really helpful tips. Especially the researching how to hire. I think this applies to so many companies. As someone in the middle of a career change, I’m grateful to have a resource.

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