Tips for a Great Informational Interview

The Art and Benefits of Informational Interviews

This episode is dedicated to new grads and those of you who want to change your career path up. Informational Interviews are great to give you a behind-the-curtain view of what working for the company is really like. Some even say that it is a new Networking opportunity as we are living in a remote-forward work culture now. Here are tips on how to successfully have an Informational Interview. 

  • Treat it as if it is an actual job interview. If you make a good impression, they are more likely to help you out when you can
  • Make sure you have done your research on the company and the person you are meeting
  • Have a goal/agenda for the meeting, but keep it personal so you are remembered
  • Don’t go over time since you are using up someone else’s free time
  • Have potential jobs (3-4) that you would be interested in to cover with the person you are interviewing so you can really get a better handle on each position you are interested
  • Make sure you have your resume handy since you will be referencing it and sharing it with the person you are interviewing with 
  • Be your biggest advocate
  • Know that this is a long-term strategy. The position you are interested in may not have an immediate opening, but you will be top of mind when one comes up if you perform well
  • Be gracious and thankful
  • Dress professionally to match the brand and company culture


‘Dos & Don’ts’ on Informational Interviews


  • You ask the questions, not them. 
  • Do not act entitled
  • Do not let constructive feedback get in the way of your goals
  • Send a ‘Thank You’ not along with links/documents that you referenced during the conversation
  • Use a tracker to document the conversation





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Top ways to connect in an Informational Interview

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