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🔥 In this video, you will learn about Strategies to finding your first clients online 2022.

These are ideal for students but can also be a great side hustle opportunity for you if you are not a student. And in the end, I will show you where and how to find these jobs.

So far in this video I have revealed the top 6 strategies I used to land my first few clients when I first started coaching and how those strategies can also help you land your clients

🔥Now that you know how to get your first client to gain experience so you can add it to your resume and earn money, you will want to learn how to take care of that money coming and how to make it work for you, so join me in the next video, where you will learn 6 tips to better your finances in 2022.

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I’m Eddi, a Tech Recruiter by day and career/money content creator by night. I love to share my knowledge about career progression and personal finance, both things that were never taught in school.

🌟 Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, based on general experience I have acquired through the years in recruitment and HR and do not reflect that of my employer

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