starting over after doors are closed on your career

Starting Over After All Doors Closed on Your Career with Valerie Mekki

Today, we are chatting with Valerie Mekki, Content Writer & Blogger for Oh, Hello Work Life. She writes about how it is never too late to find something new that you want to do with your life and career! She helps mid-career professionals pivot into the career of their dreams & gain the confidence to go after their hearts desires using her online platform on LinkedIn.


Here are some of the golden nuggets you will get when listening to this week’s episode!

    • A career does not have to be a linear path through retirement
    • Insight the COVID-19 Pandemic gave workers to reflect on where they were with their careers
    • Using a layoff to your advantage to take the time to take a chance on yourself
    • Demonstrating your relevance online
    • Paying attention to what you like to do with your free time, and thinking about doing that as a career


There is so much more we cover with Valerie in this episode, so make sure you listen to learn how you can pivot and prepare for a career shift in 2022!

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How to pivot your career successsfully

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