Mental Health and the Job Search in 2022

Protecting your Mental Health During the Job Search Process 2022

This post is about tips on how to protect your mental health during the job search in 2022.



Finding a job is the easiest thing I have ever had to do… LOL nope, said no one ever. 

Finding a job is hard, is hard work, and it is extremely heavy on your mental health. 

I mean from awkward interviews, long interviews, being ghosted, getting rejected, being questioned or dismissed or worse being led on. 

Point is there are a lot of ups and downs and sometimes you can feel hopeless like there is no end or light at the end of the tunnel.

And so this episode is going to be about all the tips I gathered to continue my job search with a positive mindset and outlook. 

Job Search depression

You know this is just a cycle we can’t seem to break, the longer you are unemployed the more disappointed you become and the less hopeful you are about finding a job. 

So it all started in June 2019, I left a job I had outgrown and got shiny object syndrome with this one job that promised me the world, and it turned out to be my worst nightmare in my professional experience. 

Working in a toxic environment just has so many negative effects on your mental health and self esteem, and prospects in general.

Because I was being treated so poorly at my job I had a low regard about myself and my abilities, I was constantly questioning myself.  

And so when it was time to look for a job and I was being rejected I always thought it was a reflection of who I was as a person and professional. 

And so I became a super negative and pessimistic person, which I am normally not, but considering this, there was a survey done by Pew Research Center that found 53% of people felt a part of their identity got lost during the job hunting process. 

And 56% said that they experienced more anxiety or depression during their search or unemployment.

Here are some mistakes to avoid first:

  • Shooting your shot
    • You can be the most qualified person but applying to the wrong department and not have the amount of years of experience of even worse not tailoring your resume for that job, you are most likely not going to get that job
  • Being negative about the outcome and attaching yourself to it 
    • It is not you: there could be many factors playing into the fact that you are getting rejected and not getting calls: nepotism, internal hire, budget constraints, change in scope, etc.
  • Pressure from outside AND YOU
    • You know one of the biggest reasons why we become anxious, worried and depressed is because someone else might be dependent on us bringing in income, so try to be kind to yourself and not put so much pressure on yourself since others are already doing it on your behalf.

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional, if you are experiencing mental healthy issues you should consult your medical professional. The content on of this post and episode are educational only. 

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