Mistakes to avoid in your career

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Career

All the mistakes I have made in my career and how to avoid them


Well we all make mistakes, and that is absolutely normal. 

But in your career the consequences of such mistakes can cost you a lot. 

And that is why I think it is important we learn from other people’s mistakes so that we can avoid making them. 

I am six years into my corporate career and I have already made a lifetime of mistakes, I mean what I have heard people say is that we often make the majority of our career mistakes earlier in our careers. 

This one is a vulnerable episode and so I think the audio will serve justice much better, so please be sure to list below. 

  • 1. Seeking approval from co-workers
  • 2. Attaching myself to a boss or department 
  • 3. Being too vulnerable 
  • 4. Being extremely reactionary and reactive 
  • 5 .I refused to become a specialist (I wanted to be everywhere)

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  1. Diane says:

    All insightful points! I love the content you put out!

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