How To Navigate a Toxic Work Environment

How To Navigate a Toxic Work Environment

 How To Navigate a Toxic Work Environment


Let’s just chat today about workplaces that are toxic, or toxic work environments. This is, unfortunately, more common than we care to admit and a lot of us just don’t know how to handle it. What is a toxic work environment? What does it entail? Exactly how should you deal with one? And when to know when it is time to leave. 

  • Sometimes a lot of us don’t have the privilege to just escape one right away, so these tips will help you out in the meantime while you make an exit plan
  • Every job should have a healthy level of stress, but there are certain things that make a workplace toxic:
    • Employees get sick and are out sick a lot
    • Narcissistic leadership/colleagues
    • High turnover
    • Negative or lack of communication
    • A lot of gossip and cliques, lack of teamwork
  • It is not your responsibility to fix a toxic work environment
  • Invest your energy into making yourself more marketable so you can leave the role responsibility
  • How to handle the environment while you make your exit plan:
    • DO NOT engage in office gossip- you don’t want your name to be involved in an investigation & it does nothing to benefit you
    • Celebrate the small wins when you can
    • Tune out, listen to music or a podcast to be in your own zone for a bit
    • Leave your work problems at work, be present at home
    • Take your vacation!
    • Focus on learning something new and making yourself marketable so you can find a better job
    • Plan out your exit strategy

Learn more about the tips above by listening to this episode of Side Hustle Experience!

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Naqvigating a Toxic Work Environment

Learn the best tips of navigating a toxic work environment.

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