How To Find Your Passion In Your Career 2022

This is post is about how to find your passion in your career – Taking the leap


AHHH, so excited because this is the first guest episode, and in this one I have the amazing pleasure of introduce to my husband, biggest supporter and entrepreneur, Brendan Rosen.

You see, I have admired the passion that Brendan has always had for his work, and he walks us through the following point on today’s episode: 

  • How did he start his entrepreneurship journey
  • What are some tips for people listing on how they can find their passions
  • Tips on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship
  • Must dos when starting a business
  • Advice you’d give your younger self
  • Main giveaways to know if you have found your thing in your career

This is a really good episode, be sure to listen wherever you get your podcasts or by clicking here: 

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