How To Build Relationships with Recruiters With Anna Morgan

How To Build Relationships with Recruiters With Anna Morgan

How To Build Relationships with Recruiters With Anna Morgan

Episode Ten- Show Notes

Hello everybody and welcome back to the side hustle experience. I am so excited because I have an amazing guest today, somebody whom I admire so, so much. Her name is Anna Morgan. She is the champion of the Underdog career misfit, turn job search strategy passionate about mental health and advocate and job search accelerator coach with 15 years of experience getting job seekers fast-tracked to corporate positions. Anna is absolutely your career BFF. Anna takes career misfit jobs, seekers, to badass job closers that are able to showcase their unique talents, build a powerful personal brand that attracts a flow of top recruiters and hiring managers that fit like a glove. Oh my goodness I want to be you when I grow up for sure I am so excited and honored to have you in the podcast today. To chat with all of our job seekers and potential side hustlers about how to attract people, how to attract recruiters because that is what I tell my people all the time it would be so awesome if you don’t have to apply for jobs anymore when you have recruiters knocking on your door in order for you to do that is to build those relationships and, who’s better than Anna Morgan herself to tell us all about her strategy on how she teaches job seekers on how to build those relationships with job seekers. So Anna, thank you so much for coming on I’m so excited to have you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It is so amazing to join you as a guest on your podcast and you and I have been following each other for, what, over 2 years now? Connected originally on Instagram took it to LinkedIn. Off of LinkedIn to coffee chats and collaborations and networking and business BFFs and I’m super honored to be here. So thank you so much.

Of course, of course. I am so happy that we found each other and I can’t even remember how we stumbled upon each other on social media, but I’m glad that we were able to kind of make that click with each other and just bond over career searching talks and business chats as well and I’m just curious- I know that I’ve read that bomb bio about what it is that you do but I would love to hear a little bit more in-depth on your career trajectory & your story.

Yeah, absolutely! So I had a rocky start in middle school into high school and college. I had some non-traditional paths and I went to a big university in Georgia and found myself as a college dropout in 1996. At that point, I was still very immature. I found myself working in hospitality which I loved- I loved the people aspect of how fast it was, the customer service, the upselling, the whole experience, and I started really honing in on my sales skills in hospitality and that really helped me network. It all showed me that I had some sales skills which transitioned into advertising, sales, print, media sales. So you know this is the late Nineties and I remember thinking I want to do anything else except selling advertising because I was getting nickeled and dimed over 6-inch square ads and I was like there has to be a better way and I was at lunch one day contemplating my future career. I looked up and I saw a retail staffing firm and I thought what the heck I have thirty minutes I’m just going to walk in and see what it’s all about. I always have been pretty brave to walk into new situations and walked in and introduced myself.

I’m not even sure if I had a resume at the time and told them my story and they saw something in me and said, “I think you’d be a really good recruiter” and that is where my recruiting and business development career started. I learned all the basics of selling and recruiting and had a very successful career as an agency recruiter, or head hunter if you will. Early in my career, I was very much a generalist so I started working on customer service call center clerical administrative Executive Assistant, and then that expanded to more senior roles and then I niched down to accounting and financing for about 6 to 7 years. I was always a top producer in my organization, was responsible for training a lot of new employees, but I always declined moving into management. I was a solo producer at that point. It was either that I had a limiting belief that I wasn’t ready for management or I just liked being ah a solo producer and getting the commission, running my business and then I was recruited into corporate talent acquisition where I began my corporate experience. While I had the opportunity to work with hundreds, even, thousands of employers over my career I really had never sat in the corporate kind of entity if you will and that was very eye-opening. I loved my employer. It was a new experience observing how everything worked I remember thinking. “Oh, we’re going to another meeting.” It’s just really funny and I went through that process and again being a generalist, which is something that’s unique with recruiters today. So I’m kind of dating myself. Nowadays, recruiters are very niche so they either do tech, or creative, or engineers, or supply chain, and, because I’ve been in the recruiting space for so long, I am a generalist so there’s not as many generalists with my amount of experience available today. It’s actually harder to find recruiters that can do “A-Z” right? When I joined corporate talent acquisition, I loved it. I filled 120 positions and in 2019 saved the company 1.3 million dollars in agency fees and really enjoyed the leaders that I was working with, but I had a toxic boss and I was um, gifted a layoff at one point. Yeah, “gifted” and I say “gifted” because it was.

I Love that gifted gifted a layoff I Love that.

The push that I needed to finally say,  “Hell yes” to myself and that’s when I started career BFF and I have taken all of my years in recruiting selling and also supporting people in a variety of different ways to help fast-track them into new opportunities. So it’s been a little wild- ups and downs, but I’ve worked for some great organizations and still, continue to recruit part-time for actually the employer that laid me off originally. But um, that mean boss is no longer there. So it’s all good. 

Wow, that goes first full circle now that I am realizing that you were working there got laid off because it was a gift because you didn’t want to work with that boss anymore and he gave you the opportunity to open up your own business and then now they probably solve the awesomeness that you’re doing on LinkedIn and how well you present to yourself with your personal brand then decided to hire you again as a part-time.

Exactly and it actually um, popped up on my time hop today and this is why I talk about social selling or social job searching and why it’s so important as a job seeker to show up on LinkedIn and showcase your leadership voice talk about your career journey. You know, use it as almost a blog because this time I guess it was a year ago I received a message from 1 of the VPs that said I love seeing your positive energy and creativity on LinkedIn. Just wanted to know you to know that we had a conversation with MVPs during our weekly call, to sum up, the entire team was essentially petitioning to get you back whether that’s ever something you’d like or consider please let us know we’d love to talk so that is the power of. Showing up because they couldn’t stop seeing my face on LinkedIn and so I had power right? Even though I was laid off I was able to position myself I didn’t want to go back full time I knew they needed the help I loved everyone else that I worked with. And so I was able to say yes I can come back but here are my conditions 25 to thirty hours a week and here we are so it’s actually worked out really nice because being in the seat doing active recruiting like you are really helping us even. More empower our clients because we are in the trenches with them. We are seeing the areas of opportunity I interview 6 to 12 candidates a day so you hear all the different types of responses how they’re answering questions how they’re showing up to interviews. What the resumes look like the questions that they ask and those are all things that we can use that data to redefine and give our clients even more effective ways to accelerate those opportunities.

Yeah, you know I’m a little interested in hearing more about how you started your career coaching business because I know that you were you know in that toxic environment not the environment but like with your boss specifically back then were you ever considering doing career coaching. It was just the circumstances of your job that kind of were you to do it.

It was really serendipitous so I had booked this totally out-of-my-comfort-zone trip to Costa Rica for this women’s retreat and it was all about tapping into your feminine power and your frequency and really just you know dropping into you know your heart’s desire and being with nature and just getting quiet and still and I had also just started getting into yoga which I’m now a certified yoga teacher and I’m actually going to be starting to teach. Finally in 2022 yoga really changed my life and then I had this experience in Costa Rica and it was really during that time of reflection and meditation and quiet and healing from some things that I need to heal from. That I was able to really receive the message that I was ready I was ready to utilize my crazy fast add rabbit brain and creativity and knowledge that I have. Learned over the last fifteen 20 years to be of service to people that need it and you know like I do when we’re working with job seekers. You can feel that desperation and confusion that overwhelm and I’m an empath. So I especially absorb those things I think more than the average person and so that was just the really big download and the calling of you know this is how I can be of service to people that need support and you know. I just have always been that type of person that wants to serve and empower people and give them the tools to be successful because there have been women primarily and men that have supported me along my journey, you know it just comes down to and I think this is also with the Pandemic. We’ve all had time to really reflect on what do we want our legacy to be what is going to matter to me when I am on my deathbed is it the fact that I worked sixty hours a week for a company that wasn’t mine. No, that’s not what I want you know I want to create something that is uniquely anna morgan and I’m finally at that point I’m finally you know.

Realizing that I can take my BFF method behind the recruiter curtain plus the fulfilling career strategy plus the fabulous self-love and build a framework based on my eyeballs being on a million dresses amaze and meeting with a million different hiring managers to really serve job seekers and career changers. So um I got a little lost there. But so Costa Rica and then I came back and that was when the manager had started at my company. So was the timing was perfect and I started coaching part-time I hired Judy Fox to help me level up my LinkedIn game and once I started learning the power of sharing my leadership voice things started happening and I started coaching. Messy action is better than no action and I was creating results for people and they appreciated it and I coached lots of people for free in the first couple of months and um, you know I remember that feeling when I closed my first VIP client I was like oh my gosh you know? So um, and then again when the layoff happened I was like all right. It’s go time. Let’s do this and I’ve just been redefining and really looking at the aspects. My coaching business that I truly love and leaning into that because there’s no sense in running a business in coaching if you’re coaching things that you’re not super excited about so. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see what things are going to look like in three years, you know because we think as entrepreneurs, “Oh I, you know, I’m not where I should be”, but we forget that it’s not an overnight. People’s overnight success was five to 10 years in the making, right?

Absolutely, you know that’s so interesting. I plus 1 to everything that you’re just saying Anna but I love that, that everyone’s overnight success putting quotation Marks is 5-10 years in the making and sometimes we’re just afraid of showing up and starting when we have and not in our heart and I urge you, whoever it is, is listening to this whether you want to launch your own side hustle or you are looking for jobs just apply even if you don’t qualify. Do it anyways because, at the end of the day, we all start somewhere right? A messy action is better than no action- I Love that because even if you don’t know what you’re doing you are going to learn it regardless. But if you’re never going to know if you don’t start trying and then you know you mentioned something that was very interesting to me which is one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard. And people who have jobs is okay, it’s great that I need to show up on Linkedin. But how do I do it? How do I get over the fear of the fact that my manager might see it? My coworkers might see it? I would love to hear from you, Anna. What are your tips? Because I know that you started while you were still working and now obviously it’s a different circumstance because.

And show your rules and said if you want me back, these are my rules but before that exactly but you know while you were working full time. What are your tips because I know sometimes I go just get over the fear and do it. But what can we do strategically to get that fear out there and step into who we are and be comfortable with showing up as ourselves to work our whole selves to work and if things go sideways like.. What do you do?

Well, the first thing I did was I checked my employer’s social media policy because I wanted to make sure there was no conflict in representing my corporation on Linkedin for recruiting purposes. And sharing content that would establish credibility and bring people into book a sales call with me for a strategy call so that was the first thing and I’m not going to lie the first couple posts. I was a little nervous but actually, if I stepped back I really focused on just commenting first and that is less a little less visible and then once I started producing content and sharing my views. On all things, job search strategy and you know my content is silly. It’s fun. Inspired. It’s not perfect, right? But in those moments when I was a bit insecure about what people would think one I believe that people are generally kind and they’re not going to say hurtful things and the second thing was, again, like if not now when like what do I have to lose and again I’m in my forty so I was like I can’t I don’t want to wait you know I want to get to this point before I turned forty that I can consider. That I’ve had this amount of success. So when I started sharing I can’t tell you how many people would pop by my cube and say I love what you’re doing on Linkedin now they would never comment. They probably didn’t leave a social like but they were watching and so that is the message to job seekers. You don’t have to lay out your whole entire life on social media or LinkedIn if you’re comfortable sharing certain aspects. Great. But focus on projects like you said side projects portfolios highlight leadership in your organization that you think highly of um, share your favorite quotes share books. Um, while you’re listening to certain podcasts.


It’s an opportunity for people to plug into your brain when they see us sharing our leadership voice or engaging in the comments. It is social proof and social proof builds. Trust if people see us having public conversations. On social media, they will trust to have private conversations with us online and you will receive more incoming opportunities than you will have to spend so much time hunting for new opportunities my situation with my layoff isn’t a perfect example of that because when I made the post about thinking that I was going to eventually return to my office. It went sort of viral I would say but what was miraculous was I had people. Sending me messages with job offers podcast appearances, guest coaching appearances and more inquiries than I ever thought possible and that is the testimonial to LinkedIn just being the best career insurance. Out there. So if you are listening right now and you were employed and considering making a change just start slow just start with engaging and giving to others. It is so powerful when we support other people. And I think that’s why I’ve had the success I’ve had on Linkedin is because it’s in my natural nature to just go out and love on people and support them so that came easily to me. Um, but just don’t overthink it so check social media starts slow with commenting. Um, model success after other content creators on the platform and test different things out and make sure that you respond to people and you engage in the direct messages and I guarantee that your visibility will increase. You will get positive feedback and you’ll have more incoming opportunities than you had prior to not being active on LinkedIn.

Wow I love all of those nuggets. Thank you so much, Anna, I agree with you in a lot of those and it’s exactly what I did as well because when I started showing up on LinkedIn I was also employed I’m still employed and that was 1 of the very first things that I did I because the majority of the people onn LinkedIn before I even found you because I’ve been on Linkedin you and I have been on Linkedin for a long time but we never oh my gosh I’ve been honest in 2000 eleven for sure, but never even thought of ever creating content on there and when I started seeing people create content majority of them.

Own their own businesses full time. So I’m like oh, of course, they can show up I mean they don’t have a boss that’s like watching them and stuff, and one day it’s crazy because I was also in a very toxic work environment when I started showing up on LinkedIn and I started having conversations at work. You know helping people out like for free I didn’t even know I was.

People I was just helping them their resumes and everything else and somebody asked me they were like oh do you do coaching on this side and I’m like what coaching was that and then that’s when I went into the rabbit hall of researching and finding out that there was a whole world out there of coaches who helped people you know, find jobs and show up online and build personal brands.

I started showing up on Linkedin and people were always so curious like how are you doing they like how are you so confident like is your boss saying something aren’t you embarrassed or like afraid but that was the number 1 thing is checking that there’s no conflict of interest because if you have a boss that’s come and telling you like hey we don’t allow them I’m like oh it’s not in the Cloud policy that you don’t allow it So that’s number 1 and 2 Note: I think that 2020 has done a great job at teaching us this. What’s important to you and I guess now I don’t guess I know I know sometimes we can sound like we’re coming from privilege and I do get it. It’s like oh you know I have to feed my family I have to work like I can risk getting fired, absolutely get it, but Linkedin is a place where you can open so many other doors that it won’t matter if you get fired because the next day you’re gonna get opportunities and I guarantee that like that’s exactly what has happened in me with other situations where in that toxic work environment that I was in I said you know what I can’t take it anymore. It was eating me up from the inside out and I just.

Literally how to pick up the phone to 2 people got 5 interviews lined up because of LinkedIn so it’s kind of like the chicken or the egg right situation when it comes to that like do I wait until I get fired or do I initiate conversations and opportunities through Linkedin. So love all of those nuggets you listening listen to if you’re driving of course now.

But if you’re in a place where you’re sitting down make sure that you are going back to what Anna just said and taking notes because those are all gems and people pay thousands of dollars for that information. So absolutely for free that you’re getting it here. 

That this is true but you know what the more we give away the more comes back to us and that is truly an ah philosophy that I have seen time and time again on LinkedIn. Um, so again, if you. Engage just engage to start and then pay attention. Get curious about model success maybe get a coach to help you optimize your profile and learn the ins and outs because LinkedIn can be extraordinarily overwhelming for people. For you and I that spend hours in it a day. Not so much. But for people that typically just come to LinkedIn to scroll a little bit or to update their new position. Ah, or they’re kind of in this oh crap I can’t take. What’s happening at my company much longer I have to figure out something. Um, it can be overwhelming but just start small start with commenting start with engaging, and really just watch the miracles unfold I mean there are so many incredibly supportive and kind people and there are 800 and like 13 million people on the platform and 3 people join every second which is crazy.

Yeah, yeah, the statistics are insane, and plus the advantage that we all have as content creators on the platform is that 1 percent or so of all those 8 hundred and plus million people are creating original consistent content on the platform which is what makes us so easy to break into it and become a thought leader in the platform right? because there’s not a lot of people creating that content but there’s a lot of eyeballs watching and consuming the content so Right? That art would stop by your cube if you were still in the office and say I Love what you’re doing on Linkedin and the other thing is you know I used to have the struggle in my head. Well, what will what will people think? Ah, Well. What will my past bosses who know me really well think of me now being a job search strategy coach or what will they think of these you know, silly videos that are also educational that I’m putting up but I just had to stop and be like who. Cares Who cares? they’re not going to matter on my deathbed only that all that’s going to matter is the example that I am setting for my daughter and how I feel every day getting up and doing the work that I do. Like you said I think 2020 and now 2021 with a great resignation has really forced us to prioritize the things that are important to us and that’s why I talk a lot about mental health. I Believe that if we don’t prioritize our mental health as a pillar of our job search Strategy. We are going to struggle and just as important as applying and networking is making that time your me-time your meditation and exercises your meal planning your time blacking all the things that you need to do to make sure you’re taking care of your mental health and your serenity.

Absolutely love that and now that we have tackled a little bit of the strategy behind how to show up on Linkedin. Obviously, the main purpose for job seekres is to be able to get some opportunities coming their way now that you have that opportunity knocking on your door or your dm or your phone or your phone. What are some strategies you have as somebody who has so many years of experience building relationships with job seekers and hiring managers. What are the main 3 tips that you can give somebody to foster and nurture that relationship once those recruiters come their way?

Absolutely so the first thing is unfortunately job seekers have to vet and qualify their recruiting partners almost as equally as recruiters are evaluating talent for the opportunities we’re recruiting for. So make sure that you make sure that they’re a reputable staffing firm. Ah, certainly check out their profile if they’re a corporate recruiter. I know a lot of hiring processes are getting more automated and job seekers are getting frustrated. That they can’t find the actual human that’s recruiting for the role and that’s you know my hunter ah background of ah business development and recruiting is I can really assist my clients in finding those people. But again sometimes it’s not Possible. So. Evaluating the organization and the recruiter so make sure that you’re looking at the profile just like they’re looking we’re looking at talent how many jobs have they had in the last 10 years have they hopped around has it been a combination of corporate or agency and. You know those are telltale signs of if they are a quality recruiter if you have good tenure. It typically means with agency recruiters that they have a nice book of business. It means they have established relationships. That is the value of working with an agency recruiter that has some tenure at their firm now with corporate recruiters I would look at tenure as well and or progression in their positions if they started out as a coordinator to a specialist to um. Ah, Recruiter senior recruiter or talent acquisition manager that’s always a good sign as well. I would say the challenges I have as a recruiter is we get so many incoming messages with I see that you’re a recruiter. Do you have a match for me and they don’t. Specify why they’re inquiring. It’s evident that they haven’t looked at the careers page or even are being specific about a role that they’re looking for a lot of times that won’t even tell me anything about them. They may spam a resume over to me as the recruiter. But the key with job seekers is to make it easy for the recruiter to respond to you and how you do that is by being specific if you just send me a resume and it says let me know if I’m in a match.

You’re putting all the work back on the recruiter and imagine we get 2030 of those types of messages a day There’s a high probability I won’t open the resume right? because I’m thinking. I really want I need you to do some of the work because it’s also a statement of how you would conduct yourself if I were to hire you in the organization. So when candidates have said gosh I love the organization you recruit for. Give a specific example from a press release or a certain post and hey I applied for this position on this date I see that you’re the recruiter I checked out your profile I see that you’re a lacrosse coach I’m a huge lacrosse fan would you be open for a fifteen-minute conversation. That kind of direct message is I will say yes to the ones that are spammy that you can tell they haven’t looked at my profile and they’re just trying to cast as a wide net kind of that spray and prey um mindset. Ah, that’s where. I’m less inclined to be of service so it sounds super basic but you know and I know that the majority of job seekers don’t realize that right? Um, the other thing is to build relationships. With recruiters is make sure that you value those first conversations because I know people get hung up on the ats and the tech and the ai but it’s still humans that are reviewing the resumes and hitting the decline or the move forward button.

Absolutely I am so happy you mentioned that.

You agree? Okay, right? Yeah, so I think a lot of people dismiss those first-line recruiters because they want to go directly to the hiring manager which is fine build you know build the relationship with the hiring manager as well. But if you’re dealing with a huge company. That’s a big rabbit hole to tackle your talent teams are much smaller. So if you’re able to build those relationships with a few key recruiters. You’re increasing your conversion opportunities by. Showing up with energy nailing your story knowing your resume inside and out having studied the job description and also had great questions. So I always recommend you have you know 1 or 2 questions for the recruiter What do they love about working there. What attracted them to work for that organization who were some of your favorite leaders in the organization. Then I recommend that you have a couple of questions about the job description based on your experience sitting with a hiring manager. What are the top 3 key items that are important to them and then the third is to ask about the direct hiring manager? How long have they been with a company? What has their progression been like what is their perception of quality for them? What makes a resume go in a yes pile or a no pile. So. Some of those little questions and again if you can do all of those things in those first-line screens I feel like your chances of your resume hitting that hiring Manager’s desk is very high.

Absolutely and you know what? Anna yeah I agree that those are basic things but common sense, not common practice and that is why basic things like making sure you’re spelling my name right making? Ah.

Yours are harder than mine. Mine is the same forwards and backward. But.

Ah, that’s true I Just realized that oh my goodness making sure that you’re you know just I’m not recruiting for like sales and things like it’s very clear what we do in our profile which is why it’s so important for you to take the time to review and right now I’m recruiting for senior talent. So that’s something else that I kind of have to take to the next level when I’m actually reading things through them because these are people twenty-plus years of experience I won’t want to talk to me as a recruiter if I don’t get it right? It’s the same exact thing as a job seeker when you’re first starting now or when you’re not in a leadership position where you have a lot of the shots to make sure that you do those basic quote-unquote things that 99 percent of just seekers are not doing and that is why it makes you stand out because every time I get a nice message that I know they took the time to read my background I’m like wow that was so nice. You know they took the time exactly.

It’s memorable, right? And it’s relatable and so if you can pull a little nugget from your profile about your journey and incorporate it into that conversation I get it.

Some job seekers are a conversationalist and kind of try to connect. Those dots are a little bit harder but that’s part of what I do in my coaching um and then with job seekers obviously having an optimized profile right? We hear that word optimized but. As a recruiter. We want a quick snapshot that showcases you know have a cover image that pops that’s your digital business card. Your headline is optimized for the roles that you’re looking for not just. The position that you have at the said company right? Get a little creative with it. I’m a huge fan of using your about section to not only showcase your professional experience but let us in a little bit about you as a human because of all of my years sitting in the bull pins. Talking about our hot jobs most people would not say oh anna morgan with 15 years of experience they would say anna morgan the add advocate. Ah, the one that you know travels all the time and has the crazy dog lady. That’s how recruiters remember people right? and you want to be remembered for the good quirky things not necessarily the bad or the not so favorable things right Um, because those people if you show up with low energy and can’t answer.

Interview questions I had an interview the other day where the gentleman didn’t have his resume in front of him. Ah, that’s the bad kind of memorable. Um, so really making it easy for the recruiter to even nourish. The conversation because they can see some super cool. Awesome things about you on your profile and if you’re an eagle scout and the hiring manager was an eagle scout-like Bam there’s a commonality there right and we buy or hire from people that we like and trust. And have relatable so you know things in common together. So Green kind of.

Absolutely oh my God again more Anna You just have so many amazing tips to give us and strategies you know, with that said, if you could talk to baby Anna What would you say to her and why.

I would tell her let’s see well, it’s really interesting with my daughter now being in middle school. Um, but I if I could go back and ah like. You know, just change a little bit of the DNA or you know, ah tweak something in my you know internal system. It would be to be more courageous and more ah fearless I would say and I mean I would. I was always brave because I was an athlete and I played every sport under the sun but I would perform well in team experiences. But I think I never did sports that were just. You know solo like maybe diving was so solo. But um so I would say step into courage step into fearlessness embrace your boldness embrace your wildness and fearless I mean- I never really fit perfectly in the boxes in school and corporate and you know I was always just very multi-dimensional and I realized today that. That is my superpower that is what attracts my tribe that I can be fun inspired I can be serious I can talk about recovery I can talk about parenting I can talk about self-care I can share my recruiter knowledge I can share my sales knowledge. Um. So just acknowledging that uniqueness is what makes us powerful and step into that sooner than later. So if you’re listening and you know that you have that little pull that’s telling you that you can. Ah, be more. You can do a little bit more but you’re letting fear or imposter syndrome dim your light get support. You know, find ways to ah unlock those things. So that you can show up to be the men and women you’re intended to be so that’s what I would tell her.

Ah I can I can sense just being all like thank you brilliant front with it I Love that and you know what this podcast is also very much curated for my multi-passionate professionals out there because I’m super multi-passionate. You probably already know I have many passions.

You have many you are also I think that’s why we were attracted to each other because it was you have done so many different things in a short amount of time and I’m just so excited for you with where things are headed.

Ah, thank you, Thank you .Yeah, I think that’s something that I totally agree with you. You know, telling ourselves to be more courageous because what’s the worst that can happen at the least you tried it and realized that you didn’t like it now you can cross it off your list and move on to something else and he’s something that I never knew what my superpower was because I was always so multi-passionate.

My friend one day told me that I actually give me like makes me want to cry but she told me you know Idnna your superpower is that you’re not afraid of trying new things and many of us are here just watching you go for your dreams while we’re thinking about hours and that is the thing you know clarity comes from action. You have to take action to realize what it is that you like and what you don’t like and again, what’s the worst that can happen somebody can tell you now. But at least you asked and it probably won’t work out but at least you’re ahead of the people that never even tried.

And then what if you do succeed right? I mean do you think 2 years ago you envisioned having the role you have today with google.

Not at all, not at all not in 1000000 years that’s for sure I never saw myself there. That’s for a fact so I’m glad that you brought that up and oh my god I’m just so excited I wish you to have like 2 more hours of a patent list.

I know I know we could talk forever. But yeah, this has been amazing and hopefully I I not hopefully we shared some great knowledge here today.

You like me, we are passionate about serving job seekers crew changers, and side hustlers. Ah so if you’re on the fence and again the things that are positive from Covid is we’ve woken up. We’ve realized what’s important we realize we have access to. Ah, ways to create side hustles I don’t think I realized how much access I had to resources tools, mentors, and options to assist me in being an entrepreneur and it’s the same for job seekers. I don’t recommend googling your way through a job search. However, there are plenty of trusted voices here on other social platforms that can take their expertise as you and I have. To support them through that process.

So absolutely and I just to close it off I want to make sure that people know how to find you I know that you just launch your newsletter and you have to hear listening to this. You have to sign up for Anna’s newsletter let us know how we can find out how we can sign up and where can people find you on the internet.

Absolutely so the place I spend the most time is LinkedIn and it is just Anna Morgan Career BFF if you just search anna morgan it should come up. But if you go to the ah URL and type in Anna Morgan Career BFF it’ll come up. Ah, same Anna Morgan Career BFFon Instagram and Facebook and I’m also in clubhouse occasionally and Youtube I’m like halfway there. So. Um, and then my website is just So. I actually have the ah job seeker misfit to a badass job closer. That’s launching in January of 2022 the waitlist or enrollment will open at the beginning of December. Ah, so keep an eye on my LinkedIn profile for the links to join this is going to be epic I have unlocked all of my wild recruiter knowledge business development knowledge and packaged it in an awesome container. There are going to be things from career affirmations to ah meditations to yoga poses to assist you in resetting your brain when you’ve been looking for a job to how to stay organized and all the recruiters behind the curtain. The knowledge that I have as well.

Um, absolutely well you heard it from 1 of the best in the best. So definitely go in do not walk run and sign up for that because he’s probably gonna fill up pretty quickly I can guarantee that well thank you ana so so much for coming on and telling us all of your amazing gems. Today about job seeking and LinkedIn and how to build relationships. It was such a pleasure having you on.\

Likewise Thank you for having me I’m so grateful for you and congratulations on the launch of your podcast and really really appreciate this honor to be a part of this amazing experience that you’re creating. Ah, for the podcast Community. So Thank you so much.

Thank you! awesome.


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How To Build Relationships with Recruiters

Best ways to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn- Simply Eddi Blog

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