Personal Branding podcast episode 2022

How to build a strong personal brand online 2022

This post is about how to build a strong personal brand in 2022.



Personal branding is just something that everybody needs specifically now if you didn’t realize after 2020 that having an online presence is just going to be crucial for your career, for your business, for your life. I don’t know what to tell you. 

And there’s just so many reasons why you should be creating a personal brand online that I’m going to get into a little bit in the show.


Just the way that she shows up and just you know creates her content and connects with people but I had her as a client in early twenty twenty and then as many of us I just kind of went into a shell because I just did not know what was happening with the coronavirus. 

There was just so much unknown there was just so much in the air. 

And I just felt super uncomfortable with everything that was going on I just didn’t feel like my mental state was in the right place for me to show up online and that is when I went into hiding and all of this is gonna be very very important to the the topics of building your own personal brand and how that’s gonna build you up and how that’s going to.


Know why you are doing it 

What will you be offering the world 

Listen to the show (it’s good I promise)


I chose Linkedin because at the end of the day that’s where my audience was, that’s where I wanted to be because that’s where I would be the most visible for all angles job seeking business building connections community I am on Tik Tok now as well. 

Side hustle experience shameless blog and I create very quick digestible content for job seekers because for Linkedin it requires a little bit more thought and a little bit more time. I like to write things out on Linkedin on Tik Tok. 

And I’m able to just kind of give you a quick response to the things that you have questions on so going. Follow us there if you don’t do that already. We have a great community that’s building out there. It’s a lot of fun.


So that is what I have for you today in this episode I certainly hope that it was helpful I certainly hope that he gave you some actionable tips on how to go out there and create your own personal brand. 

Even if you’re a job seeker you’re building your own business or whatever it is you are in life having a personal brand is critical today and you always will be critical. 

Because it’s what people are going to recognize you for, it’s how you’re going to be able to build your legacy all right? So I’ll see you in the next episode at the same time. Over and out over and out.

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