Build a Side Hustle Wile Working Your Sidse Hustle

Building a Side Hustle And Working a Full-Time With Harleny Vasquez

Building a Side Hustle & Working a Full-Time w/ Harleny Vasquez


In today’s episode, I have an amazing guest with me. Her name is Harleny. I cannot wait to introduce you to her. Harleny Vasquez is a licensed social worker and Latinx woman-of-color. She’s a founder of her business, “yourEvolvedmind”, where she is a career coach helping aspiring social workers in all stages build their confidence level to market themselves effectively while learning all of the tools needed to secure their next opportunity using LinkedIn.She’s an experienced social worker with over 8 years of experience in social services providing trauma-informed care and now social work recruiter and OMSW Student Affairs Coordinator. She serves as a board member for the Latino social work coalition and scholarship fund. Harleny is on a mission to uplift and elevate the social work profession.

  • You generally do what can be a great side hustle for free before you turn it into a business. Harleny was always interested in helping her community, colleagues, family & friends advance in their professional development prior to opening her business. 
  • Find an avenue to start building your community at first & share content. People in your community will relate to you and want to work with you. 
  • Stick to what you love, especially if people are encouraging you to leave what you love.
  • Market Research: talking to people, traditional research on your niche. Getting yourself to the point where you feel comfortable with the topics you want to speak about. You are focusing on a topic that is very close to you.
  • Your niche should be something that you are passionate about.
  • If you invest in a business coach, make sure they understand your values & goals and are in alignment with you. Listen to your gut if you feel you are being offered bad advice. Do your research on the people you invite into your business.
  • Tips: 
    • Set expectations with your partner/family members, set boundaries. Build your community to give yourself extra support. 
    • If you can & have a supportive supervisor at your full-time job, let your supervisor know since you will be putting yourself out there online so you don’t feel like you have to hide that from them. Make sure you pulse them first, you need to protect your full-time job.
    • Mindset work is essential because it makes or breaks your feelings around your business.
    • Make sure your side-hustle is not a conflict of interest to your job. Maintain integrity & do not work on your side-hustle during your full-time hours.
  • Biggest Challenges when starting your side hustle
    • Not knowing all of the resources available to entrepreneurs (financial benefits)- don’t throw your own credit card at your business immediately, do your research.
    • Your business is a reflection of your life- the biggest challenge can be yourself. Trauma from childhood, money trauma, patterns that are not healthy can come up and affect your business. Therapy can be helpful for this.
    • The most important this is the energy you give out, not your website, graphics, etc. 
    • Know anything is possible if you take care of yourself and set boundaries.

Learn about these topics & more like:

  • How to raise money for your business, especially for Latinx and other underrepresented communities.
  • Time-management & productivity tips
  • Business friends & accountability
  • Advice to those starting out
  • How to find Harleny


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  1. Maria Elena Quinones says:

    I wonder if you’re accepting clients to help with job search?
    I’m an LCSW (nyu-1991) who just moved back to east coast after 30 years in CA providing medical SW, priv practice and personal counseling at community college. I need help w/linked in, job search.

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