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All the mistakes I have made in my career and how to avoid them EPISODE FOUR Well we all make mistakes, and that is absolutely normal.  But in your career the consequences of such mistakes can cost you a lot.  And that is why I think it is important we learn from other people’s mistakes […]

Mistakes to avoid in your career

This post is about tips on how to protect your mental health during the job search in 2022. EPISODE THREE SHOW NOTES Finding a job is the easiest thing I have ever had to do… LOL nope, said no one ever.  Finding a job is hard, is hard work, and it is extremely heavy on […]

Mental Health and the Job Search in 2022

This post is about how to build a strong personal brand in 2022. EPISODE TWO WHAT IS PERSONAL BRANDING Personal branding is just something that everybody needs specifically now if you didn’t realize after 2020 that having an online presence is just going to be crucial for your career, for your business, for your life. […]

Personal Branding podcast episode 2022

This post is about how to build a LinkedIn profile that will have recruiters reaching out for job opportunities.  I am sure you have heard of LinkedIn before, if you have not, you are in luck, this post will break down LinkedIn and all its sections so you can build a professional profile that will […]

Did you know that networking is the most effective way to get you an interview, and potentially get you the job, as opposed to applying online and getting buried in the ATS with the other 300 applicants that did not make it.  Stop applying online and hoping to get a call, instead start making connections, […]

When interview day arrives, most of us are feeling pretty nervous. We want to do well and impress the hiring managers so that we can get a job offer. But how exactly do you prepare for an interview? How much time should I spend preparing beforehand? Are there any questions I should ask or be […]

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