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Embracing an Untraditional Career Path With Allison Trimbell EPISODE 12- SHOW NOTES Today I have such an amazing guest with me. Her name is Allison Trimbell. Allison and I go “back” to when we had a really interesting experience at work and we just became kind of BFFs through this crazy, traumatic experience. Allison Trimble […]

Embracing an Untraditional Career Path With Allison Trembell

THE RESUME THAT GOT ME HIRED AT FAANG In this video, I am going to break down the resume template that got me hired at a FAANG. And at the end of the video, I will tell you how to access this template so you can also use it, for free.  Resumes are such a […]

The Resume that Got Me Hired at FAANG

 How To Navigate a Toxic Work Environment EPISODE 11 – SHOW NOTES Let’s just chat today about workplaces that are toxic, or toxic work environments. This is, unfortunately, more common than we care to admit and a lot of us just don’t know how to handle it. What is a toxic work environment? What does […]

How To Navigate a Toxic Work Environment

How To Build Relationships with Recruiters With Anna Morgan Episode Ten- Show Notes Hello everybody and welcome back to the side hustle experience. I am so excited because I have an amazing guest today, somebody whom I admire so, so much. Her name is Anna Morgan. She is the champion of the Underdog career misfit, […]

How To Build Relationships with Recruiters With Anna Morgan

Episode 9- How to Interview When You Are an Introvert Hello hello and welcome to the site hustle experience podcast I’m your host Eddiana. Today’s episode is going to be about how to interview well as an introverted person. Woo! I’m excited about this one because this is another one close to my heart. Today […]


Building a Side Hustle & Working a Full-Time w/ Harleny Vasquez EPISODE EIGHT-SHOW NOTES In today’s episode, I have an amazing guest with me. Her name is Harleny. I cannot wait to introduce you to her. Harleny Vasquez is a licensed social worker and Latinx woman-of-color. She’s a founder of her business, “yourEvolvedmind”, where she […]

Build a Side Hustle Wile Working Your Sidse Hustle

This post is all about how to successfully Negotiate Your Salary 2022 EPISODE FOUR In this post we will dive deep into the best tips for negotiating your salary when you are accepting a new role. Women continue to earn less, on average, for the same performance, and they remain underrepresented in top jobs.  The […]

How to negotiate your salary in 2022

This is post is about how to find your passion in your career – Taking the leap EPISODE SIX AHHH, so excited because this is the first guest episode, and in this one I have the amazing pleasure of introduce to my husband, biggest supporter and entrepreneur, Brendan Rosen. You see, I have admired the […]

EPISODE FOUR This post is about The best tips on how to break into Tech This past 18 months have been pivotal for many, and a lot of people have realized they needed a change in their careers A natural and popular new career path for people seemed to in tech One because we all […]

Tips to get into tech

EPISODE ONE – SHOW NOTES This post is about tips on thriving as a multi passionate professional and business owner In today’s episode we are diving deep into the topic of being multi passionate, what does it mean, is it bad, is it good. I thought this would be such a fitting topic to start […]

Tips for multipassionate professionals and business owners 2022

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