In my 6+ years as an HR manager and recruiter, I’ve seen too many qualified young professionals struggle to land a job. There are three key job-hunting skills that most people are never taught:

I help first-generation graduates and multi-passionate women crack the job-hunting code—because you deserve a job you love.  

I’m Eddiana (but you can call me Eddi)

Hola chica!

crafting a strategic resume & linkedin profile

following a solid job-hunting strategy that aligns with what recruiters & HR managers expect

showing up on LinkedIn with consistent confidence

 [eh • dee • ah • na] / [ɛðˈðjana]

Giving you the tools, strategy, and mindset work to take action on your job search and find a perfect-fit position.

Career coaching for multi-passionate women in underrepresented communities!

Catch every recruiter’s eye with a resume that stands out from the crowd. This free guide goes over action words to use, the dos and don'ts of resume writing, and how to format your resume for maximum impact.

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Building generational wealth

words to live by

"Memoria selectiva para recordar lo bueno, prudencia lógica para no arruinar el presente, y optimismo desafiante para encarar el futuro." -Isabel Allende

I knew I wanted to pursue a degree after high school. But as a first-generation immigrant, I had no clue how to apply for college, scholarships, or loans—especially in my new second language. 

So I dedicated myself to learning English. Eight (difficult) months later, I was fluent! And my hard work paid off: I went on to graduate second in my class and earned a college scholarship. 

After a mentor told me that my personality would be perfect for recruiting and human resources, I decided to pursue a management degree. 

I grew up in the Dominican Republic, but when I was 15, my family moved to the United States. I’d never visited the US...and no one in my family spoke English.

de mi

My Story

That same mentor showed me the power of networking when her connections helped me land my first job in recruitment.

I didn’t start out knowing how to apply for jobs. In fact, I didn’t even speak English when I first moved to the US.

I had to learn how to network, job-search, & do well in interviews. 

That’s how I know you can do it, too.

For most people, their parents’ network becomes their network. But I didn’t have that to fall back on, especially since we had just moved to the US a few years before. 

Seeing a network in action and realizing how powerful it could be motivated me to build my own. I joined LinkedIn when it was still new and built my personal brand there.
Now, I help first-generation graduates, immigrants, and women of color launch their corporate careers.

As a recruiter, HR manager, and career coach, I’ve seen firsthand how this overlooked social site can make a massive difference in the trajectory of a career. 

My coaching clients have landed their dream jobs in tech, finance, and communications. Many clients even have recruiters reaching out to them after working together.

I’m proud to empower my clients with the skills to effectively job search. But most of all, I love seeing my clients accomplish what they thought they couldn’t.

uh yesss!

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