7 Best Online Jobs for Students

7 Amazing, High-Paying Online Jobs for Students in 2022

7 Online Jobs for Students in 2022

In this video, I am going to break down the best online jobs for students in 2022. And at the end of the video, I will show you where and how to find these jobs. 


7 Online Jobs for Students: 

  1. Virtual Assistant
    1. Administrative
    2. Executive Assistant/VA
    3. Social VA
  2. Data Entry
    1. Detail-Oriented
  3. Social Media Coordinator/Manager
  4. Real Estate Cold Caller
    1. Pays well & may get commissions
  5. Ghost Writer/Copy Writer
  6. Tutor
  7. Video Editor


The way to make the most money online:

  1. Saving someone money
  2. Making someone money
  3. Saving someone time


How to find these online jobs:

  1. Create a profile on Contra
  2. Fiver
  3. LinkedIn


You may be asking “Ok Eddiana, this all sounds great, but how do I get my first client?” Tune in next week where we will go over 5 Strategies on How To Get Your First Client. 

These are ideal for students but can also be a great side hustle opportunity for you if you are not a student. 



Contra: https://contra.com/eddiana_rosen

Canva.com: https://partner.canva.com/ROSEN21

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/

Fiverr: https://go.fiverr.com/visit/?bta=356470&brand=fb


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I’m Eddi, a Tech Recruiter by day and career/money content creator by night. I love to share my knowledge about career progression and personal finance, both things that were never taught in school. 

🌟 Disclaimer: My opinions are my own, based on general experience I have acquired through the years in recruitment and HR and do not re

7 Best Online Jobs for Students

These are the best online jobs for students in 2022!

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